Monday, January 14, 2008

The Art of Chase

Check it...
L, B & See fought Storm Watch OhEight a couple of weekends ago to peep Chase's opening at Maude Carrin. Lauren & Bernard gifted the fellow Burner in true Burner fashion. In return, he hooked us up with customized Chase hoodies (pictured here) which I have yet to take off...Seriously!

You can see more detailed photos of one of his Venice Beach murals here.


  1. I think your friend may have an infection in his gums.

  2. They're his prosthetic teeth. If you know is work you'd get what that's about. He's actually SUPER DUPER cute...until he pops in those gnarly teeth that is...

  3. Nice! I saw your pics of the mural and had intended to try and find out more about him and his work. Thanks for the link up. Awesome stuff.

  4. Hey, sounds like a good time, I love Chase! If you want to check out a cool interview that we did with him, check it out here!

    peace and love.
    Garrett from Wishtank

  5. Thanks, Garrett!

    Great interview with Chase...you've officially acquired a new subscriber to your Wishtank.com feed!

    Very sweet zine! Thanks for doing what you do...

  6. Prosthetic teeth. NO WAY. I would have never guessed :)

  7. Hey, don't you have some snow to shovel???!


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