Monday, January 21, 2008

Art: Gama-Go Deathbot

Over the holidaze I was up in Central Cali with the fam. After a few days away from LA I started getting homesick and decided to venture into SF for an urban fix. I hit the usual spots including Boudin's where I was able to momentarily curb my sourdough bread addiction (don't ask, it's a Nor Cal thing).

We then shot over to the Haight so I could check out the
Giant Robot SF store front. To no surprise the place was packed...it WAS 2 days before Christmas, after all. I picked up a few additional x-mas gifts and while checking out I peeped the Gama-Go Deathbot who was CLEARLY giving me the evil eye through the glass case in which he was perched. Proudly, I resisted the impulse of buying him on the spot even though it was definitely love at first sight.

I returned home to LA and after about a week I still couldn't get this little guy out of my mind. I think what fascinated me the most is that in this world of collectible toys, most these days are made of vinyl while the Deathbot is made of wood, wire, glue and paint.

Late in December, while driving through West LA I decided to pop into Giant Robot for a looksie. I scoured the store but the GG Deathbot was nowhere to be found. I asked the gal behind the counter who quickly checked her computer and said it shows they had one left. She searched and searched then after a good 15
minutes she found THE LAST DEATHBOT IN STOCK!

I guess it was meant to be...

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