Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wish List: This Will Make Me Happier

"Double walled porcelain cup with silicone top.  Eco-friendly and reusable."

While I'm not a coffee drinker I admittedly do have a non-fat Chai Latte addiction.  This reusable cup will make me feel considerably less guilty about the waste generated every time I grab a Chai while on the go!  

Plus, I could never stand sipping my yummy bevie out of those crappy plastic lids.  Bleh!


  1. Ok, that's cool. I'm totally buying one. Also, it looks easy to clean, which is one reason why I'm afraid to drink anything other than water from my Kleen Canteen.

  2. From Decor Craft, Inc. regarding my inquiry:
    Thank you for writing DCI/Decor Craft Inc!

    If you have written in regards to the “I Am Not a Paper Cup”, we will contact you when the product is available for delivery at the end of February. This eco-friendly product will retail at approximately $20, has a double walled porcelain base with a silicone top and is reusable and dishwasher safe.

    Many thanks again for your interest.


    I'll gladly put the word out once I hear that these are available!


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