Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yep, I've been hacked. Woke up early this morning and decided to check email while I waited for the sun to rise before heading out on a run. To my surprise I found oodles of ebay.com emails in my inbox stating that my MANY listings/auctions for "Auth Fendl Classic metallic braided leather FD Spy Bags" had ended!

Ugh, headache to the 10th degree!

I immediately tried to sign into my ebay account which I haven't touched in months (yes, I know that's quite a shocking statement coming from eBabe herself) to find that my account had indeed been compromised and my password was changed. I scoured the site and found the Live Assist link where I was able to immediately explain the sitch at hand. I must say that Katie on the eBay security team was the bomb. I supplied her with tons of info and she fixed the problem in no time at all! She canceled all of the fake auctions listed under my account, refunded my account for the listing fees and deleted the negative feedback ALREADY left on my profile (from the loser hacker, no doubt)! Shame on you, Loser Hacker!

Anyway, problem solved and, once again, all is right in my eBay world!

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  1. I must say these thiefs are getting smarter and smarter everyday. I wonder what they could accomplish if they did GOOD things with thier wit! LOSERS.


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