Thursday, January 17, 2008

Running: My New NikeiD's ROCK!

My 8th run marks the first run of the New Year with my new Kicks! I can't believe how great it felt to hit the pavement in my NikeiD's. They totally contour to my feet and they're as light as can be...oh and they're as fugly as hell with that BRIGHT orange and blue against the black leather (which makes me LOVE THEM EVEN MORE)! Ha!

Best of all they have a tiny hidden compartment under the insole where I can put the Nike+ sensor. With my Adidas Cross Trainers I've had to slip the sensor under the laces. It's been pretty secure but clearly not the best solution for keeping the sensor safe and clean.

Anyway, my Blueberry Crunch Cliff Bar lunch has left me starving for some din din so it's Veggie Burger time.


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