Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting Back On Track

After taking nearly 4 months off of training I'm finally (with the help from my new iPod Nano & Nike+...Thanks Jer!) getting back on track. A few days ago I set out on my first run of the New Year. The experience was brutal and depressing.

Today, with a total of three runs under my belt, I shocked myself by dropping 1 full minute off of my mile pace since that first run. Muscle and cardio memory are pretty amazing things!

I'll be posting my stats here regularly so everyone can follow along in the fun! I hope to get back to my pre-Burning Man pace soon and I'm looking forward to longer days so I can start *safely* running the 4 mile course I mapped out around the UCLA campus. ;-)


  1. I saw your blog on the facebook newsfeed. Anyway, good luck with your training!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Alyson. I'm hoping that if I post my progress here on my blog it will be a little added incentive for me to NOT slack off (fingers crossed)! ;-)

  3. You go, girl!! I'll pass this along to Mike; he'll be impressed!! He still hasn't gotten back to his running form after his hamstring injury and has missed many races, but he perseveres....
    Love your new blog and will check regularly when I check Big Red's! :)


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