Sunday, January 20, 2008

Running: Up With The Sun

I watched the sunrise this morning. It was inspiring.

With sore quads and calves (yes!) from yesterday's workout I decided to brave the brisk morning air to get in an early run. It was slow and steady and about half way through I started wondering what the hell I was thinking. But I persevered and out of sheer will I pushed through the last mile and a half by reminding myself that I'M WORTH IT.

I have a hike planned for this afternoon...hmm, we'll see how I feel. ;-)

Today marks my 10th run since January 6th. In total I've gone nearly the equivalent distance of a marathon. I've burned 2,100+ calories. And I've lost 3lbs. These stats don't take into consideration my workout on the stairs yesterday morning.

Never felt better.

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