Friday, February 22, 2008

Art : Apology Accepted!

From ObeyGiant.com...


First of all we would like to apologize for the delayed release of the Obama Offset last week. Due to the EXTREME amount of volume to our website and webstore our hosting server crashed. We thought we were sufficiently prepared for the release, with upgrades and release times, but to our surprise an exponential amount of buyers came and continued to stay and attempt to access our site which denied even our web administrators access to the site to upload the print. Essentially, we (just as you) waited until traffic died down enough for us to upload the artwork and release the print. The Obama offset was released and SOLD OUT on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, we do not have anymore to sell and are not taking any special requests for the prints. We are receiving 100’s of emails regarding the print, its release, and availability, so please do not email us unless your inquiry is unrelated. Once again we apologize for the delay and thanks to all that supported our efforts.

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