Friday, February 8, 2008

Photos :: Burning Man 2000 :: The Body :: My First Year!

BRC 2000 :: Population 21,648 
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I stumbled across these Oldies tonight!

Worth noting:

-This was our FIRST year and we hardly knew anyone in Camp. Notice very few (yet very far away) shots of Slicers.

-We arrived on Thursday late afternoon and left on Sunday before the Temple Burn.

-Note the entrance and exit (posted) BRC population signs.

-This was pre-digital days so I didn't shoot the Burn (or anything else at night) because I couldn't meter the light.

-It was a particularly cold year and it rained hard. I believe the term Playa Platforms was invented in 2000.

-When it got really windy BMorg set the Man down on his back so he wouldn't blow over. And then (with people power) lifted him back up when the winds died down (pictured above).

-The Nage Mahal was tiny.

-We had a communal kitchen and communal dinners.

-We had an actual (Home)Slice of Burnt Toast Sculpture out in front of Camp.

-We had a Homeslice Wedding Reception that year!

-I took VERY few photos because I was trying to take it all in! And because I was only there 2 full days that first year.

-I can't believe I didn't get a single shot of Charlie's Tower!

-And last but not least,
Grant/Kheddarz was ripped back then because I was his ass-kickin' Personal Trainer!  w00t!

You can check out about 100 more pics from my first Burn here.


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