Friday, February 29, 2008

LOST: The Constant Recaps

Best episode ever!  And not just because I'm crazy about Des, brotha!

Very important recap links:

About the Calendar from Wired.com

Underwire recap from Wired.com

Jay Glatfelter's recap from HuffingtonPost.com

Doc Jensen's recap from EW.com

LOST webisodes from ABC.com
(If you haven't already seen it be sure to watch Webisode #13 "So It Begins"...whoa!!!)

Okay, last night was awesome right down to the Dharma vittels the Colonel provided!  The Early Compound was in full effect...I thought our little brains were going to explode (a la Eloise) with all of that information.  New theories were flying!  Great episode.  Too much fun...


  1. I concur! Finally, some interesting stuff! Even Poop was into it. By the way, will you be my constant? ;)

  2. Aggg...just read from the links you provided. Too much excitement! I'm IN it now, fer sure. I'm going to make T-shirts - "Bring Desmond home to Penny" kind of a la "Let Donna Graduate."

  3. Aww, Lady...I'll always be yer Constant!


    Will you make at least one tee for me that says" Bring Des home to See, Brotha!"

    (BTW, about Palm Springs...Bring it! Can't come soon enough.)

  4. "Ay" as Desmond would say, brothA.


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