Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Running: Cheviot Hills III

Haven't been running as much as I'd like because of my crazy social calendar. As 'punishment' for getting off track I ran the Cheviot Hills Loop again tonight...that'll teach me to not be such a slacker! 

I was much more outwardly competitive when I was younger...these days I'm more competitive with myself. This is a good thing in the sense that I push myself to improve and it leaves me feeling guilty when I slack off. So while tonight was supposed to be a tough make-up workout for getting off track it was actually a really good run...much needed physically and mentally. I have a lot of catching up and improvement to do but I'll get there. No doubt about it...

Oh and the warm weather continues to bring a lot of people outdoors...which I love. Makes every run more interesting with each encounter.  I caught up to and passed another runner this evening and (accidently) startled him as I did so...I smiled and waved as I shot by.  *Grin* it made me feel fast!  

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