Friday, February 15, 2008

Art: Got it!!!

Attempting to purchase a Shepard Fairey print these days is like going to battle. It's become next-to-impossible for legit collectors, such as myself, to buy his prints due to a combination of the crappy Obey Giant purchasing system/website and the influx of all of those capitalizing lame asses who purchase his work only to turn around and sell it to OTHER lame asses through eBay at super inflated prices.  

Shepard please take note from the Burning Man Org who (dare I say) perfected the ordering process a couple of years ago when they started using a system which put ticket buyers in queue like a lottery system.  There is no more having to refresh pages because the server has timed out and MOST IMPORTANTLY there are no pages timing out during the final confirmation stage of the purchasing process!  Yes, which happened to me this evening during my FIRST attempt at buying the Obama Hope print.  Fortunately I got through on my second attempt...double w00t!

Seriously stoked!

Oh and if you're interested in purchasing this Barack offset you better hurry...no doubt it'll sell out very shortly.  The print can be found here


  1. Holy crap wow! Congrats.

    And yes, its now sold out.

    Your print's going to be a treasure for the ages.

  2. Ask and you shall receive!



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