Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life: The Irony Of It All

What's wrong with this picture?

Late last night while uploading photos to my Flickr account I began to notice the smell of burnt plastic.  Since I had my hard drive and laptop working on overdrive I freaked thinking that my laptop was having an internal meltdown!  I checked both items and all seemed fine until a few moments later when I started to notice popping and crackling sounds!  

It turns out the meltdown had nothing to do with my Mac at all.  My space heater, however, didn't fare so well.  

The irony of it all is that last weekend while the rents were passing through town they stopped by my guest house to check out the new digs.  Not surprisingly The Mother felt I could have done better and (jokingly) offered to buy the million dollar house up the street for me.  Um, YES please!  The Father, however, went into house-inspector mode and pointed out that my smoke detector, pictured below, was in need of replacing (note the corroded upper right corner of the battery).  Yay, for tall people who can reach such things!  What timing, eh?!

Upon further inspection (post-meltdown) I found this nifty *WARNING* tag attached to the cord of the heater.  

And I quote:

"During use, check frequently to see if your heater plug...is HOT!  If so, discontinue use of the heater and have a certified electrician check and/or replace the faulty outlet(s)."

Hmm, I guess they really do put those things on there for a reason.

I'm just thankful that I was awake when this all went down...as it is, I'm convinced those noxious fumes I inhaled took a few good years off of my life.  Blah!


  1. Rents? Parents? Not too down with the hip lingo I guess.

    Glad you didn't fully cook.

    Be sure you using the extension cable for your MacBook's power adapter, and not plugging the brick directly in. Makes it much safer.

  2. rents = parents
    g-rents = grandparents

    Sorry, some things have just stuck from the 9 summers (and alternating holidays) I lived with teenage girls in the house.

    Thanks for caring!

  3. I am so glad to know that you had a new smoke alarm...FAM to the rescue...How crazy was that.


  4. oh the horror of paying an arm and a leg for a place in westwood only to have faulty wiring. Lucky you caught it.


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