Friday, February 15, 2008

Travel: NYC Baby!

A few years back while in NYC I was fortunate enough to catch this De La Guarda show:

DLG was nothing short of stellar. It totally resonated with the Burner in me. As you can see from this video clip audience participation is highly encouraged. The performers fed off of the crowd members who exhibited the most openness to the show. Those hiding in the corner of the hall were left alone while those of us *hand raised* constantly jostling for a better vantage point were singled out and encouraged to play along. During different points throughout the evening I found myself dancing with multiple performers. I had a very yummy DLG'er (who apparently thought I was yummy too) literally suctioned to my neck. And yet the best part was when one of the cast members came up behind me, pulled the rubber band right out of my hair and started smelling and twirling my curly locks before dancing with me through the crowd. Seriously too much fun! It was so exciting to be a part of all of that creative energy! Wow!

Flash forward to a few months ago when I ran across a review of a new show opening in NYC called Fuerzabruta. The style of this performance sounded remarkably familiar and after a little research I found out that this show is also from the creators of De La Guarda!

Yep, I'm thinking a trip to NYC this Spring is in order!

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