Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST: Ben-On-A-Leash

I was invited to watch last night's LOST season opener on the Colonel's movie-screen sized tele located in the heart of the Early Compound.  To set the mood the Colonel graciously served up some stellar Dharma Snacks (not to be confused with Scoobie Snacks) along with delish tropically themed bevies!  I'm still trying to wrap my whirling little brain around everything that happened last night so I don't have a solid opinion to share at this time.  Until then you can check out Jeff Jensen's (EW.com) always thorough and often thought provoking LOST review here.

I will add that the Colonel and I both agree that Vincent plays a much bigger role in this show than he’d like for us all to believe.  I don't think for one minute that this painting found in Jacob's Cabin is merely a coincidence.  And as the Colonel was quick to point out...'God' IS 'Dog' spelled backwards!

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