Thursday, April 17, 2008

Green: Say No Way to BPA!

Can I get an Amen and a Hallelujah!?

As a HUGE anti-plastics preacher I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am that word is FINALLY getting out to the masses (hey, 'some concern' is better than 'no concern') about the toxicity of 'food grade' plastics.  I've been annoying educating everyone I know about my concerns with plastics for YEARS now!  Dump your plastic water bottles for non-toxic alternatives such as a stainless steel Klean Kanteen, People!  And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not drink water out of those 5 gallon plastic containers that Arrowhead (and the like) delivers to your home and office!  Those bottles are made from plastic number 7 which is a MAJOR leacher of BPA.  And (while I'm on a roll here) NEVER heat your food in the microwave in any sort of plastic container.  Seriously, how much more convincing do you need?!  Or maybe you're cool with Prostate and Breast Cancer, hormonal imbalances, etc.(?!) 

And Bravo(!) to Health Canada for being the first regulatory body in the world to call Bisphenol A (BPA) a 'dangerous substance' this week!  w00t!

From Grist.org...
U.S. health agency says ubiquitous chemical may harm kiddos.
A U.S. federal agency has declared that there is "some concern" that chemical bisphenol A can harm the development of children's brains and reproductive systems. The National Toxicology Program, part of the National Institutes of Health, issued a draft report following up on an 18-month review of BPA. The agency reported more concern than was suggested by its advisory panel, which critics alleged was biased toward the chemical industry. BPA can seep from hard plastic beverage containers, including baby bottles, and was detected in the urine of 93 percent of participants in a recent study. In light of the NTP report, congressional Democrats are asking the Food and Drug Administration to reconsider its view that BPA is safe. Canada, for once not beating us to the punch, is expected to issue a similar warning about BPA soon.

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see also, in Grist: Umbra advises on plastic water bottles
see also, in Grist: A special series on parenting and health 


  1. I heard about this recently and was floored. I had no idea.

  2. Unfortunately most people don't know, Alyson. Plastics are BIG BIZ and there's a lot money to be lost if the truth about these toxins were to reach the masses. The plastic industry spends big bucks to keep the general public ignorant about this reality. Just think about how many more people we know these days who are affected by cancer...I don't think it's coincidence that the rise in cancer correlates with the increased usage of toxin-leaching plastics in our lives over the years (among other factors, of course).

    With so many other alternatives (glass, ceramic, stainless steel, bamboo) there really is no reason to use food grade plastics in our households anymore.

    And with young growing/developing children in your home please take extra precautions with respect to this matter. Plastics are bad news!

  3. For the record, I never ONCE rolled my eyes at you! Rather, I was always grateful for the information you took the time to share with us. Thanks again for the reminder on the 5 gallon bottles. With your urging, I purchased a Klean Kantene and now have several for home and office. But filling them up with water from the big Sparklett's jug the housemates still insist on keeping isn't doing me much good. Doh!

    S. Ops

  4. Can you get stainless steel water bottles anywhere, like Target, for example?

  5. I don't know if Target sells them but I do know that a lot of the natural food stores and outdoorsy store like Whole Foods and REI carry them. You can also find them on Amazon.

    I generally buy them here:


    GreenFeet.com is one of my favorite green sites...I buy most of my 'greenery' there. ;-)


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