Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LIfe: Aerial Silk & Trapeze Training

Last weekend I trekked out to Eagle Rock to take my first Aerial Silk and Trapeze class offered through Focus Fish.  Jazz and I arrived at Extreme Training Center a bit early and had a chance to watch the end of the intermediate class (pictured here).  

The excitement was definitely building...

There were only four people in our intro class.  This turned out to be ideal.  With 3 trapeze bars and 3 silks we each had ample time to practice the techniques being taught.  The class focused on stretching, upper body & core strengthening  and basic silk & trapeze techniques.  I'm grateful that Judith, our fantastic instructor, broke the class up with lots of stretching.  Can't even begin to tell you how sore my pecs, lats and abs are today, two days after class!  I was really surprised to learn that silk and trapeze require you to engage more muscle groups than just your arms.  Core and leg strength are just as crucial.  

The hour-long class flew by.  It was definitely a workout but we were having so much fun I hardly noticed.   With that said I was thoroughly fatigued by the end of our session.  I'm definitely planning on making this class a regular part of my ongoing training regimen but I've recently recommitted to Boot Camp (beginning this Saturday...w00t!) so I don't think I'll get back out to Silk/Trapeze for a couple of weeks.  I figure if I can alternate Boot Camp & Trapeze/Silk classes every other weekend it will make for a diverse training program...on top of my ongoing running routine, natch!  

Oh, it's worth mentioning that the Aerial class takes a beating on your hands!  When Jazz and I got back to The Loft we went straight for the ice...Yeow!  I tried to take a picture of how raw and red my hands were but this doesn't seem to adequately represent the soreness.

Raw hands after Trapeze/Aerial Silk class

Totally worth it....


  1. How cool is that?!! That looks like so much fun, I'd love to try it. I'd probably be dead by the end of it though because I'm not in as good shape as you are.

  2. The intermediate class was filled with a bunch of little girls and 2 dads...great fun for kids too! If you can find a class near you I highly encourage you to check it out.

  3. awesome! If I ever find my grips, I will send them your way.

  4. Oooh...that would be awesome!

    Leave it to the gymnast to save the day!

  5. Ha! I was laughing thinking how we said we would go every Sunday and then realized it would probably take at least 2 weeks to get over the soreness! Ouch, but I LOVE the burn. I'm surprised you were able to use your camera to take a pic of your hand. Double ouch. That's commitment.


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