Monday, April 14, 2008

Photos: LA vs WAR

Yep, action-packed weekend, indeed!  The Eastsiders and I rallied yesterday and managed to squeeze in the final day of the LA vs. WAR show taking place @ the Firehouse in Downtown LA.  Totally STELLAR show, yo!  And, yes, it was hot downtown...but absolutely worth it.  

Complete propaganda overload...if that's even possible.  With over 250 pieces of art plastered all over the walls we must have circled the venue at least three times.  Did not want to miss a thing!  Most of the prints, posters, stencils, originals, limited editions, etc. were for sale and due to the number of really amazing (as well as totally moving) pieces we ALL had a very hard time narrowing down which one(s) were going home with us...


Stencil by Ben Collison
"Every time you point your finger at someone...there are three fingers pointing back at you."

Stop The Killing...
Bring 'Em Home...

Coming to a Target near you...
You can read more about Patrick Martinez's Toy Soldier guerilla art campaign in Juxtapoz.

Hard to decide...


The rest of the very fascinating photos from this set can be viewed here.

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