Sunday, April 13, 2008

Photos: BCAM @ LACMA 4/2008

After Boot Camp yesterday morning I was (surprisingly) able to muster up the energy to join Ilya for an afternoon exploring BCAM, the newest addition on the LACMA campus. So glad we went. There are some really stellar pieces being shown in BCAM's inaugural installation. No cameras allowed, natch. However, I was able to snap a few shots with my iPhone for your viewing pleasure. I highly recommend checking out this exhibit. Especially if we continue to have 90+ degree days here in Soul Cal. What better way to get a break from the heat than by getting out and exploring....ART!?

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Chris Burden "Urban Light"-
Chris Burden "Urban Light"
(I must get back there one of these evenings to get a shot of these all lit up at dusk!)

Jeff Koons "Tulips"-
Jeff <span class=
(I just wanted to hug them...perfect hugging shape.)

John Baldessari "Tips For Artists..."-
John <span class=
(...duly noted!)

Richard Serra's "Band"-
Richard Serra's "Band"
(I love Serra's work but my favorite, by far, is his Wave installation in Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park.  These massive pieces are meant to be viewed outside in open space....ahem, like the Playa!)

To view a few more snaps from our BCAM adventure click here.

SIDE NOTE-ABLE: I returned home from this lovely outing with Ilya (who I was introduced to at Burning Man last year) yesterday afternoon to find a large white envelope postmarked from Seattle in my mail.  It was filled with all sorts of artistic goodies (which made me giggle like a giddy little school girl as I sorted through the contents) from yet ANOTHER friend who I met on the Playa for the first time last year!  Thanks again, J9!  You're SUPER FLY, my Playa Sister!  Love, love, love the creative treasures you sent my way!  Feeling incredibly grateful to have both of these wonderful new friends in my life. Once again, the Playa has delivered in a BIG way!


  1. Glad you liked the little bit of snail mail of little somethings. xo J9

  2. Love it...thanks again, Lady!

    Can't wait to read your blog about the Louie Travis show!


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