Monday, April 7, 2008

Photos: Santa Anita Derby Day :: 4/2008

Our day at The Races!  

The rundown: Monica, Erin and I met tons of peeps who are really up on this whole horse racing thing. KROQ was having their Micro-Brew Fest...beer heaven!  We crashed the UCLA Derby Days Alumni Party which was great because a) they had the ONLY Veg-friendly food around b) every one was super friendly & helpful and c) they promised to play the UCLA Final Four game later that afternoon in the bar.  Although, as you may or may not know, that last point is a little bitter sweet!  Oh, and the Parking Lot entertainment helped to make the crawl back to the car that much more enjoyable.  

First Thing's First!
Micro Brewed

You Bet'cha!
You Bet'cha

Best Gift Shop Ever!
For Sale

Diversified Portfolios!
Better View

The Racers!
Pack Animals

Party Crashers!

I encourage you to click here for a few more (some, quite interesting) shots from our afternoon at the races. Good times...

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