Sunday, April 6, 2008

Music: Ani DiFranco Concert @ The Orpheum

Burners are THE BEST gifters...Poop and Jazz totally hooked a Sista up for her b-day this year! w00t!  They gifted me a ticket to the Ani DiFranco concert at the Orpheum last Friday night.   Ani is one of Jazz's all-time favorite musicians and this is our third year in a row that we've gone together to see her perform live.  Ani never disappoints...

Animal Prufrock opened the show...talk about NOT disappointing.  A true entertainer.  Too much fun!  We were dying when Animal came out from behind her drums to perform this song...

I wish I could find some footage of her walking forward and moon-walking back (in her uber-righteous orange jumpsuit)...over and over again.  Seriously too much fun!  We bumped into Animal between sets and I had the opportunity to pay her mad props for her super entertaining performance...to which she paid me a very sweet compliment right back!

Ani's set was nothing less than stellar.  I don't think the smile left my face the entire evening.  I especially appreciate the way she connects with the audience on such a personal level.  I've seen countless live shows over the years and the shows that always stand out the most are those in which the performers communicate with their audience.  Ani's stories and quick wit always fill the venue with smiles and laughter.  Such a good night.  

I love the Orpheum because it's such an intimate venue.  I just don't understand how anyone could come see Ani DiFranco perform live and SIT IN THEIR CHAIR through the entire performance?!  Jazz and I had the best seats in the last row of the lower orchestra section so we took advantage of being able to stand and rock out through the whole set. About 3/4's of the way through the show others started popping up out of their seats as well.  What took so long, people?!

One of my favorite songs from Ani's set-

Okay, all for now. I have an aerial silk AND trapeze class to get to, no joke! I've always told you that I'm gonna run off and join the circus someday...


  1. YAY!!!!! The concert was way too much fun and inspired. Can't wait til we do it again. Now....how are your arms and hands feeling?


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