Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Running: New Route & Fastest Mile!

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Totally killed it tonight!!! I was actually a little nervous, yes nervous, about this run. I haven't been running as much as I'd like and it makes me feel as if I'm taking major steps backwards when I'm not able to squeeze more training into my week. So going into tonight's run I'd convinced myself that it would likely be a little slower than usual. Not to mention that I took a new route and there were WAY more hills than expected! Damn those Cheviot Hills!

The Breakdown:

Total Miles: 5.06 | Time 35'32" | Calories ~500 | Pace 7'00"/mile|
Mile 1: 6'37" ***(New Fastest Mile!)
Mile 2: 7'27"
Mile 3: 6'45"
Mile 4: 7'30"
Mile 5: 6'51

Feeling great but hungry!
Must go eat...

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  1. I'm so impressed by your dedication! I need to start exercising too, so I'll have a good excuse for eating large amounts!


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