Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Running: Slow & Steady...New Farthest

I think I could benefit from longer breaks in-between runs...this afternoon was incredibly tough and it felt a lot slower than it actually was.   No fun! I ran 5 miles on Saturday, walked 3 miles on Monday, then ran 5 miles on both Tuesday and today. Definitely needing more recovery time...feeling it, for sure. Will be at a conference down in the OC tomorrow so I'll get a break and can reassess on Friday,  I suppose.  Tired...it's late.  Have to be on the road early tomorrow morning so here are the deets:

Mile 1: 6'39"
Mile 2: 8'18"
Mile 3: 7'04
Mile 4: 6'41
Mile 5: 7'04

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