Saturday, April 19, 2008

Plastics: Since you asked...Q&A

O.K. the stainless steel water bottle, I can do. But tell us, please, how can I get clean water into my home? (An alternative to the Arrowhead delivery, please.)

Thanks for caring about all our health.


I'm getting this one installed in my office this month!  So excited!  Reverse Osmosis is the process which many of the bottling companies use to filter the bottled water that we regularly drink.  And many local restaurants who are now a part of the 'ban the bottle' brigade are offering reverse osmosis filtered tap water as a greener and safer alternative to bottled water.  w00t! You can get one of these units installed under your sink at home OR they have a less expensive 'mobile' counter top version available as well.  

If you're a renter and/or simply don't want to deal with the installation involved with an RO unit mentioned above then my second suggestion would be a natural counter top water filtration system like this terra-cotta crock from Gaiam.com.  Due to (what I'm assuming are) agricultural reasons there currently seems to be a ban on shipping this unit into California...so have it shipped to your Playa address and drive it home after your Burn *wink*.   Terra-cotta filtration has been used for hundreds of years as a safe way to filter non-drinkable water and it's still a widely used process in many Third World countries today.  Last but not least, there is my absolute FAVORITE new 'natural' crock from Aquaovo.com called the Ovopur...just lovely!  But, unfortunately, design comes with a price...

Hope this helps!
The Aquarian

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  1. "Muchas Gracias. I am on my way to clean drinking. I hope to have this all installed by the time you come join us for a potluck."


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