Sunday, April 13, 2008

Running: Back To Boot Camp...

...FINALLY!  w00t!

Running can only do so much as far as my training is concerned.  Thanks to Life 2.5  I now have some time to get back to Boot Camp.  Really good stuff!  It was so nice to be back at the beach yesterday morning.  Though I was pretty surprised with how warm it ALREADY WAS at 8AM...yeow!  

I trained on the beach with Angela for the first 45 minutes.  Focus was abs and arms.  Yep, definitely have a lot of make-up work to do in that area.  Feeling some soreness in my muscles today.  

Half way through our session I split off to train with Jeffrey in the 'advanced' running group for a ~45 minute run along the strand.  It was was a good run but by the time I made it back to our training area on the beach is was HOT!   I could really feel the effects of the heat during the last half mile.  Admittedly, the best part of the run was getting some one-on-one time with Jeffrey.  He was super helpful with answering my questions about stride, pace, gait, breathing, etc.  Much needed info, for sure!  And it was SUPER reassuring to get some really positive feedback from him, as well.  J also mentioned wanting to organize a running group in the near future...which I know I'd definitely benefit from!  

Yep, such a great way to kick off the weekend...feeling stellar!


  1. I do believe you have motivated Poop to run, ahem...ew?

  2. LOL!

    Making the world a healthier place one runner at a time. Poop is my 5th convert...with all of these believers I'm thinking about starting my own cult. But don't worry, no Kool Aid drinkers here....we'll drink gatorade instead, ELECTROLYTES!

  3. Yep! In fact Poop went for a run early this morning. Well done, sister SEE....

  4. BRAVO!!! That's awesome...

    Was he cursing me out by the time he got back home?

  5. no, not cursing you out. But cursing out his lungs, legs, head! hahahaha....he's truly motivated.

  6. Poop's email-

    Subject: Running...

    Message: ...sucks.

    My response-

    Message: Totally agree.


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