Friday, April 18, 2008

Running: 5 Miles, Fastest Mile & Farthest Run...Oh My!

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Good'ish run...my first mile clocked in as my fastest, to date.  And this was my farthest run, to date, as well.  It was  a tougher one because I was running a little earlier in the afternoon than usual and the heat...rather the sun, kinda got to me.  

The Deets:
5.12 miles | 36'18" | 7'05"/mile | ~500 calories
Mile 1: 6'34" ***New Fastest Mile!
Mile 2: 7'00"
Mile 3: 7'17"
Mile 4: 6'47"
Mile 5: 7'00"

No Boot camp tomorrow because I have my aerial silk and trapeze class on Sunday...doing both in the same weekend would be brutal.  I've recruited some other Burners to check out the class this weekend as well.  They're gonna love it...

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