Saturday, April 26, 2008

Politics: ModMan, Ink - Spark

The Fire Starters...
The Fire Starters

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the making of ModMan's Obama In 30 Seconds submission.  An update from ModMan:

"MoDMaN is busy, MoDMaN is making movies for FlowTown Films, MoDMaN likes talking in third person today... The latest video we've done is a political advertisement for Barack Obama's campaign. It's part of the MoveOn.org contest to create a 30 second spot that they will air on national television. Please take a minute and watch [and vote for] the "Spark" video here.

The contest will have several criteria for advancing a video to the final rounds but one of them is the number of views, so if you like what I've created pass this on to friends who might be interested. It's a cool concept to get people involved and I'm very blessed to have had the support of friends and associates who helped it come together in the first place."

Spark the Vote!

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