Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Art: Make Art Not War

I was just wandering around Westwood Village enjoying another beautiful sunny day in Soul Cal when I stumbled across this print.  It was taped to the side of a metal box which, no doubt, hides very important telephone wires and such.  

This crazy little print (about 11"X16" printed on heavy card stock) jumped right off the side of said box and into my hands!  Shocking, I know...but what could I do?!  I (oops, I mean Mr. Poster) just couldn't help himself!

I suppose Mr. Poster knew that I could guarantee him a MUCH better life hanging framed in my house than he ever would have experienced plastered on the side of a metal box in the Village!  ;)

Mad props to the artist...wish I knew who you were!

(Sorry for the crappy photo...stoopid iPhone!)

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