Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Running: No More Racing The Sun!

Thanks to DST I no longer have to race the sun in order to get my evening run in before dark. So nice. Though I can already tell that the warmer weather is going to have it's own impact on my training. But that's okay...I like getting sweaty! 

The (Cheviot Hills Loop) breakdown:
Mile 1: 6'58"
Mile 2: 7'22"
Mile 3: 7'11"
Mile 4: 7'10"

For those keeping track...I kicked ass on The Hills today.  Miles 2 & 3 are considerably faster than any of my previous runs.  If I keep this up I'll have no problems taking on Half Dome, again, this June! 17 miles with a 4800' elevation gain...bring it!

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