Friday, March 7, 2008

LOST: The Other Woman Recap

Not many recaps posted yet today so here is a very informal Q&A between Moi and The Colonel about The Other Woman:

TC: Vincentdidit (naturally).
LS: VincentTOTALLYdidit!

TC: Did you see last week's episode? I didn't realize the Black Rock was skippered by a Hanso. I think Hanso is one guy, enjoying immortality thanks to time on the island, who uses different first names to explain his long existence in the outside world. Perhaps the people Ben found in the forest (who became the Others) were his crew on the Black Rock?
LS: Um, Yes...I watched last week's episode with you and that other Dude who asks too many questions.  How can you forget?  I completely missed that Hanso skippered the Black Rock.  Must rewatch!  I'm digging your theory here...Hanso is immortal like Richard!

TC: Widmore & Hanso -- I think there's an epic corporate battle there.  But what is Widmore's interest? And how does Penny know about the  island? We heard her say she was "researching" as her call was breaking up...
LS: I think the battle is more about Widmore looking for the island in order to exploit it's magic while Hanso is trying to keep it hidden and preserved.

TC: I wonder if Ben had it in for the other 'Other' he sent to the crash site (can't remember his name)? I like that he's not pure evil but also a psycho love puppy as well. Fleshes out the character, y'know.
LS: Ben TOTALLY had it on for Goodwin.  Jealousy is lame.

TC: The $3.2 million came up again. Hmmm. In the near future that'll be about a buck-fifty in Euros...
LS: You're a funny guy!

TC: Ben's man on the boat is...? I got a quarter that says it's Michael. Or...Walt. After all, he IS known for sabotoging boats. But who's "the captain"? I'm still thinking it's either CS Lewis or Miles since the captain hasn't "found out" about the wrecked communications gear...
LS: It will be quite a twist if Ben's spy on the boat is NOT Michael.  I originally thought Naomi was the captian....not so much any more.

TC: Who's the Oceanic Sixth? I got another quarter that says Christian Sheppard. Remember the season finale last year? Flash forward Jack tells the doctor busting him to go upstairs and check with his dad.  Hmmm.
LS: Very interesting...and great reminder.  Don't forget Webisode #13 "So It Begins" too!  Here are some other theories on who the Oceanic 6 (and 8) might be.

TC: Yep, Locke's a suckah. Full-on. Down with Locke.
LS: Lamest...totally over him!

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