Friday, March 14, 2008

LOST: Ji Yeon Recaps

Another fantastic LOST last night.  I thought my iPhone was going to explode with all the action my LOST-tastic friends were giving it during the commercial breaks!  Oh and thank goodness for TIVO...totally spotted Nikki's tv show (Expose') playing in the background of Sun's flash-forward!  I was, however, completely caught off guard by the very sad twist at the end of this episode...such great writing.  Bravo!  But, as usual, we're left with even MORE questions to be answered!

For your reading pleasure...

Jeff Jensen’s recap from EW.com

Doc Jensen’s theories from EW.com

Jay Glatfelter from HuffingtonPost.com

Sonia Zjawinski from Underwire (Wired.com)

Ree Hines from MSNBC.com

*UPDATE: More from Sonia Zjawinski at Wired.com

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