Sunday, March 30, 2008

Running: The Long Way Home...

This morning was my farthest run of the year. I swear one of these days I'll hit 5 miles again. Getting closer for sure...just need to take the time map out a few more blocks on my route.  I love the Nike+ site!

Sunday mornings are my absolute favorite time to run. When you're an urban runner you have a lot of obstacles to contend with...namely traffic and intersections. On Sunday mornings these hindrances become minor issues. It's the only time I can run across (what seems like) all 10 lanes on Pico Boulevard without waiting to cross at an intersection. Nice! 

My only issue with running in the morning is cold/tight muscles. This AM I was in cruise-mode because I woke up with sore hamstrings and gleutes (as a result of some recent non-running activities).  Just another reminder that being in running shape doesn't constitute being in all-other-activity shape. Pressing on...

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