Monday, March 31, 2008

Running: 5 Miles! w00t!


Today was a SUPER special day!  I received a totally unexpected Thank You gift this morning which left me perma-smiling throughout the remainder of the afternoon.  My cheeks are still recovering.  Yow!  After flying through my day in complete euphoric shock I HAD to be sure to finish on a high note.  I finally sat down and mapped out a few additional blocks onto the Cheviot Hills Loop in order to extend the route to 5 miles.  

My unfamiliarity with the new streets (in conjunction with tired and *still* sore legs) actually made my run feel much longer than it was.  I'm sure once I get better acquainted with the longer loop it won't seem so far.  I also felt super slow and was completely surprised to see that my actual pace was a lot faster than I had expected.

A special day indeed! Double w00t!

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