Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Art: Maker Faire Tickets!

Yep, it's official!  The tix which guarantee entrance into what's bound to be the technologically creative highlight of my summer...(next to Burning Man, of course) have arrived! w00t!

The Deets:
Maker Faire Bay Area
May 3 & 4, 2008
San Mateo Fairgrounds
Tix Available Now!
(Discount tix available until 4/25)

More fire?
Yes, please!


  1. Hey there, Missy! I just got my tickets as well. Wanna car pool?

  2. Hey, Lady!

    Would love to if I didn't already have a small side trip planned!

    Let's definitely stay in touch though...I'll be there on Saturday, for sure!

  3. that should be a grand time! I've seen pics and heard stories from the guys who have put it on in the past.


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