Monday, March 10, 2008

Food: New Favorite Yumminess!

I'm not a huge breakfast eater but that doesn't stop me from eating breakfast food for other meals.  One of my current favorite creations consists of (organic, veg-fed, cage-free, brown) eggs scrambled with St. Andre Triple Cream Brie, chopped onion and MorningStar Veggie Sausage patties....often all wrapped up in a tortilla.  Super yum but fairly time consuming for me to make these days.  

 That's where this box of yummy deliciousness comes in handy.  I made these TJ's Swedish Style Pancakes last Saturday for the first time...add a little butter and sprinkle with a touch of powdered sugar and…Voila...complete and utter decadence from a box!  Gotta love anything that tastes like you've been slaving over it for hours when, in actuality, all you did was add water and stir!  


  1. Well where I live EVERYONE loves TJ's...especially on Sunday afternoons. Won't make that mistake twice!


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