Friday, March 21, 2008

Art: Skullphone Digital Billboard In Los Angeles

Within hours of yesterday's post about Skullphone's digital billboard hacks (or paid ads?) popping up around LA I had my very own sighting at the intersection of Westwood and Olympic.  I was totally caught off guard and scrambled to grab my camera but as quickly as Skullphone appeared...he then disappeared.  Unfortunately I had to move along before getting my shot.

Later that evening while heading home I pulled into the strip mall at the Westwood/Olympic intersection with camera in hand.  I got out of my car only to find 3 other Urban Culture Geeks already camped out on the corner snapping pics of Skullphone's handy work.  Curtis, Michael and Quiet Dude (whose name I didn't get) were there shooting for a local Urban Culture Zine ( Vs, Verses, Versus?) which I'm not familiar with...help me out here guys!  I asked them if they they'd seen any other billboards and Michael immediately started rattling off intersections.  Yep, those Dudes were all over it...

Would love to hear more about whether this is a brilliant hack job or simply paid-for adverts by Skullphone...if anyone has any more info about this lemme know!


  1. Thanks!

    That first shot it from Olympic and Sepulveda...just up the street from where I shot mine.

  2. It wasn't a hack. He paid for the ad space.

  3. Deja vu!

    My Anon commenters keep telling me these were paid adverts but it still begs the question "HOW DO YOU KNOW"?!

    Until someone wants to dish on the deets they're just unsupported words.

    Until then, Skullphone hacked!

  4. Okay, further deets are starting to trickle in...



  5. dudes, check this out: http://fffff.at/major-times-square-hack


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